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XL Tapa | Masi | Designed Satin Scrunchies | Manu

XL Tapa | Masi | Designed Satin Scrunchies | Manu

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These XL scrunchies are made with Soft Satin Our Personalised Scrunchies are handmade with the finest satin fabric.

A perfect hair accessory to wear and a perfect and thoughtful personalised gift for your loved one.

Polynesian - Tapa | Masi | Ngatu| Design


A perfect hair accessory for thick hair

* Tapa is a bark cloth that is made from Mulberry trees. It is softened through a process of soaking and beating and designs are applied with paints and vegetable dyes of light brown, red, and black. It is usually made in the islands of the Pacific Ocean primarily Fiji, Tonga and Samoa

*Disclaimer: Actual Size and Colour may vary due to screen/photo qualities.

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