Crocheting and Isolating

Crocheting and Isolating

What a week it has been for us. I have been at home for almost two weeks now isolating with this Covid. I would say that as much as I have enjoyed more time to create some new things for the shop, it  can be a stressful thing especially when you have to wait for 5 days for your results. I mean its like being on house arrest (too dramatic!!) and you are morally challenged and obligated to obey the rule of the land because you wouldn't want to be infecting your loved ones (or the staff at my favorite!).So I am isolating for two different close contact cases. On the flip side, perhaps its Gods way of giving my dream job a boast so I can have the time to plan, refocus and aim for the skies.

But in all fairness, Covid has been really hard on everyone. I have had to miss my nephews 1st Birthday today and its just heartbreaking. Last year I also missed out on visiting his older sister when she was really sick and later passed away. I hear of all these stories of how Covid has affected them and you just feel so helpless. I guess all we can do is pray and have faith that God will provide, comfort and give them peace! 

Ok so that's enough of Covid. Let's talk about what we have been busy working on this week. I have decided to work on some little easy-to-do projects like our new Face Mask Straps/Lanyards. It has been a real challenge to remember to take my mask with me especially at work so what better way to carry it with me!!

We also worked on making some cute hair ties and hair clips. Yes I said! My kids wanted to contribute to these cute piece (they are just THAT cute!!) . These would be so pretty on our little ones and I just wished I had done this when my daughter was younger so I could dress her up with matching clothes and hair ties or clips.

Let me know in the comments which hair tie or clips you prefer?


Till next time.

Love and Blessings



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