Our Story

Our Story

Starting somewhere

It has been a challenge trying to get this blog started. I have had it in the "something to try" basket (with my special yarns!!) for a while not just because of how scary and vulnerable it was to be putting myself out there but the thought of not knowing what to expect. 

A goal for 2022 has been to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone, my safe haven, my familiarity.... So here goes the Fiji Island Girl.

Our Beginning

JAST (acronym of our family of four) Crafts Creation has been a dream come true for me personally. I have always had a passion for craft from a very young age. I was fortunate to grow up in a family of 'Crafty' people and what a blessing it was to have the opportunity to spend time with each of them. There are days I reflect back and think of how great my God is, for the things he had planned for me, the people he brought to my path to make me into what I am today.

My maternal Grandmother and Aunts were known for their mat weaving skills. They sat for hours weaving mats from Pandana (known as voivoi) leaves with everyone chipping in to contribute whether it was to strip the leaves into suitable sizes or preparing the yarn (Kula) to be weaved in the final stage. If it was a big mat, we were encouraged to take/continue a row of weaving so we could practice the art. These were opportunities I looked forward to not only because it was an opportunity to spend time and bond with them but more so the feeling of being trusted with such skills and knowledge. 

My Paternal grandmother was a woman with many talents as well. She taught me to do embroidery and how we could turn simple fabrics into a lovely piece of art. My love for vibrant colors grew. 

With all this resources in my basket of knowledge, it was my Mum who sowed the seed for my love of crochet. These were usually just Doilies for couch covers (yarns aren't readily available in Fiji) but in my young innocent mind It was like magic....turning a ball of thread into a beautiful master piece. Here was the beginning of my love for the craft. I remember in Primary School I couldn't wait to get home just to help Mum with a crochet project she was working on. I remember one evening my Dad telling her to stop encouraging me to do crochet as it might interfere with my school work but it made me more determined to prove him wrong. I remember saving my 'spending money' just to buy those beautiful vibrant colour cotton threads at Menoos (a famous Indian Shop in Fiji). Back then there was this stigma that crochet was for old ladies, so my craft was always done in secrecy (apart from home of course). Then life happened :) but my secret passion remained.

Fast forward to 2012, My husband and I and our 2 very young children then were blessed with an opportunity to work in the beautiful island of Niue. This journey introduced me the world of yarn. They were not readily available there but I was finally able to afford and access online shopping. Oh Boy!! I fell in love and my passion was reignited. However, I was still constrained in my safe haven, making doilies.

Fast forward again to 2019, we were blessed again with another opportunity to move to Aotearoa (New Zealand). It was a dream come true. it wasn't just the opportunity to provide the best for our children but I saw the opportunity to move past my comfort zone. I would spend hours at Spotlight trying to decide which yarns to buy first and which ones could wait for the next pay day. Then I saw the other craft supplies in there and I was just overloaded with ideas of what I could make. There were days I would reflect back to those beginnings and how we had it tough back in the islands. We had to make/build things from scratch. (like the process of making a mat. There was cutting leaves, clean, cook, dye, dry, straightened, rolled before they were ready for weaving) but now I have easy DIYs literally on my finger tip.

I have been blessed with such a wonderful husband, partner, and best friend who has supported me and my expensive hobby lol! and I am also blessed to have two wonderful kids who have pushed me to move beyond doilies, hence what you see on our website. We have been able to incorporate a bit of our culture and background to provide a more unique touch to our personalized items.


At JAST Crafts Creation we stand by our ethos that everything is handmade with love. Not just because I find joy creating things from scratch, but also of the history that it comes with. The knowledge and love passed on from generations.  Call me sentimental but these are things I value and treasure!

Whats to come

We have so many plans for our small business. Our focus has always been on personalized items and that is what we will be bringing. Thank you for supporting our dream and till next time ... 

Love and Blessing



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